Giovanni Tch

This Blog is about Giovanni Tch YouTube Channel which you can entertain your self with a lot of pranks


In this video I do one of my most favorite pranks,i also get in trouble with the police like always!!

in this video you will see cool slow motion videos. Like: slow-mo back flips, diving, front flips, jumps, fun playing games…Also it shows how Chinese restaurants are decimating our wildlife.


This is mi experience with smack cam, i’m eleven years old and in this channel i do pranks, tutorials,challenges, slow mo videos and vloging

In this video i show how you really use a syringe. In this channel i do pranks, tutorials, challenges, slow motion videos and vloging.


This video shows the first time Gibraltar has ever been pranked.


Lonboarding and pranking

This video shows what I normally do on the beach. Like: diving of scary rocks, fails, gravid fishes, at caleta beach, Gibraltar, green water, baby crabs and a school of fish.



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